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Thank you for great aqua fun days

Dear guests, dear holiday children,

the aqua fun days to join in with an action program in the water, various games and entertainment were great fun for us, the Frankfurt baths team, and everyone who took part!

Our animation team has surpassed itself again and brought action-packed fun days to the water in the Nieder-Eschbach outdoor pool, Eschersheim outdoor pool and in the Brentano pool for all big and small participants.

The many smiling faces are our best feedback and we are happy to take them with us as an incentive for the next events.

We would like to emphasize one more thing: our partner "schauinsland-reisen gmbh" provided a very special program highlight, the super water course "Track", which was included in all three pools. We would like to say a big thank you for this special sponsorship!

We had a lot of fun at the Aqua Fun Days and we hope that everyone involved and many of the holiday kids will be there again next time. We are happy!

The team of the Frankfurt baths

PS The gallery shows the sponsored water course “Track”