Advantage card: How high is the processing fee when refunding the credit on the advantage card?2023-12-22T12:00:16+01:00

We charge a processing fee of 10 Euros. This allows us to cover our increased administrative expenses. Alternatively, you can give away the benefit card or pass it on. We ask you to inform us about this process at info@frankfurter-baeder.de
Otherwise, the General terms and conditions with customer information .

Advantage card: Can I cancel my advantage card if I move?2023-12-22T12:02:14+01:00

Yes. You can get your credit back minus a processing fee of 10 euros if you provide the following data/proof:

- new registration certificate due to relocation
– Bank details for the transfer
– Submission of the benefit card by post to the address:

Badebetriebe Frankfurt GmbH
At the main station 16
60329 Frankfurt

Alternatively, you can give away your benefit card or pass it on. If the VK is personalized with contact details, we recommend updating the data at the pool register. Please inform us about the process at info@frankfurter-baeder.de
Otherwise, the General terms and conditions with customer information .


Tickets: Where are the tickets for the sauna facilities sold?2023-12-22T11:51:01+01:00

The ticket sale for the sauna facilities takes place as usual at the pool counter. The sauna facilities are closed during the Opening hours open all day.

Tickets: where do guests book the e-ticket and how do you pay for it?2023-12-22T11:51:09+01:00

The e-tickets for the Frankfurt baths can only be purchased from our cooperation partner Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH be bought online.

Go to the ticket shop here.

The following payment methods are available for e-tickets:

  • instant transfer Sofort
  • Credit card transfer (American Express, MasterEurocard, Visacard)

PayPal online payments are available not is available for storage, management and analysis.

Tickets: Will the purchase price be refunded if the booked e-ticket is not redeemed?2021-05-28T13:57:21+02:00

Purchased e-tickets will expire if not redeemed.

Tickets: How do I get the e-ticket for my bathing visit?2023-12-22T11:50:38+01:00

After completing the e-ticket booking at Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH, the customer can choose whether the e-ticket can be accessed by e-mail or directly on the smartphone. It is important that the e-ticket (if necessary together with the proof of discount) is presented at the cash desk.

Tickets: What happens if you forget the proof of discount for the booked e-ticket?2021-05-28T13:48:48+02:00

The booked e-ticket expires. Unfortunately, access cannot be granted.

Tickets: Can I buy my e-ticket at the on-site ticket office?2023-12-22T11:50:32+01:00

No. The e-tickets for the baths can only be purchased online from Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH.
The e-ticket must be booked online in advance (also via smartphone). Go to the ticket shop here.


Tickets: Can the purchased e-ticket be exchanged later if the booking was made at the wrong time?2021-05-28T13:59:45+02:00

The period selected at the time of purchase is binding and cannot be changed once the purchase has been completed.

Tickets: Can the purchased e-ticket be paid out later at the cash desk on site if the fare booking is incorrect?2021-05-28T13:59:06+02:00

If the ticket is booked incorrectly, no difference can be paid out at the cash desk. It is not possible to exchange the booked tariff.

Tickets: Is a refund of the purchase price of e-tickets possible if the pool closes early?2021-05-28T14:00:30+02:00

In the event of early closure due to force majeure (e.g. thunderstorms), no refund is possible.

Tickets: Do children and young people under the age of 15 have free admission?2022-01-07T13:17:09+01:00

Yes, children and young people under the age of 15 have free entry to all Frankfurt swimming pools and book the e-ticket for 0 euros.

We recommend that parents simply apply for the junior baths card on this website.

Please print out the ticket code or bring it as a QR code on your smartphone to the ticket office where the JB card for the kids will be issued. This gives the kids quick access at any time via the turnstiles without prior registration.

Tickets: Is there a maximum number of e-tickets that can be booked online or by telephone?2023-12-22T11:50:42+01:00

yes online can maximum 10 e-tickets per booking be ordered. Booking e-tickets ab 10 people is only possible by telephone on the ticket hotline 069 - 13 40 446 (Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain, Mon-Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.).

Ticket: What do I do if my e-ticket has not been sent by email?2021-05-28T15:49:06+02:00

Please log back into your customer account at Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain. There you can control and activate the ticket dispatch.

Tariff: At what tariffs are the e-tickets for the Frankfurt baths purchased online?2023-12-22T11:50:46+01:00

The regular admission prices for the Frankfurt baths apply. For detailed information please see the Booking portal from Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain.

Tariff: Do guests get free admission on their birthday?2021-11-24T13:15:26+01:00

Congratulations! yes you will receive am Birthday all day free entry for swimming in all our Frankfurt swimming pools. Please show an ID document with your date of birth at the cash desk.

Sports Badge: How can I have my swimming badge removed? What examinations are required?2022-03-01T10:09:58+01:00

In principle, you can have your swimming badge removed in our pools on the appropriate facilities during opening hours. Therefore, check the equipment features of the systems on our website in advance. Talk to our on-site staff for acceptance. It is usually not necessary to make an appointment. It is advisable to plan the collection in the early morning hours Mon-Fri, since then the rush of guests is still restrained and the pools are not too crowded. When the weather is nice, an increased number of visitors must be expected in the outdoor pools. As a matter of principle, lanes are not cordoned off for acceptance. Sufficient personnel capacities are also a prerequisite for the examination.

We offer the following exams for swimming badges: Early swimmer (seahorse), German swimming badge bronze/silver/gold.

The listing of examination services please find here in our Info Center under Downloads/Courses published.

For the acceptance of Bronze Badge we recommend the Panoramabad Bornheim.

Only that can be done in FB Hausen sea ​​horse be removed. The bath is not designed for other tests.

The examination itself is free of charge at the Frankfurt baths. The examinees have to pay for the badges or ID cards (seahorse/bronze).

The seahorse badge costs 4 euros. The youth swimming badges (bronze/silver/gold) cost 6 euros.

Time approvals with an ID card cost 5 euros.

The German rescue swimming badges are issued by the DLRG German Life Saving Society registered association or DRK Wasserwacht eV taken and issued.

Complaint: Where do I complain about e-ticket bookings?2021-07-02T09:13:40+02:00

The purchase contract for e-tickets for the Frankfurt baths was created between the e-ticket buyer and Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH.

Complaints from e-tickets for the Frankfurt pools can therefore only from our cooperation partner Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH to be edited.

The General Terms and Conditions of Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH can be found here.

The house and bathing rules of the Frankfurt baths as well as other regulations can be found here.

If you have any questions, you can reach Frankfurt Ticket RheinMain GmbH under the following contacts:

Telephone: 069 – 13 40 446 from Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 16 p.m

or by email to info@frankfurt-ticket.de 


Complaint: the outdoor pool was short-term eg wg. Bad weather closed. Am I entitled to a refund of my entrance fee?2021-05-28T15:10:59+02:00

No, you are not entitled to a refund of your entrance fee. Sorry, but we clearly have that in ours House and bathing rules regulated. You accept this regulation under §3 opening hours, prices (3) with the conclusion of the purchase contract:

"The BBF reserves the right to restrict the use of the pool or parts of it. In the event of extreme weather events (e.g. thunderstorms), the outdoor pool and outdoor area must be vacated. A refund or reduction of the entrance fee is excluded in these cases.”

We therefore recommend that you check the weather forecast before visiting our outdoor pools and carefully consider your decision to visit or buy a ticket.


Parking: Do I have to pay anything to park in the Frankfurt baths car park?2021-11-17T14:58:02+01:00

Panoramabad Bornheim: There is a small car park on the left-hand side, for which customers can draw a card and validate it at the cash desk when leaving the Panoramabad, so that there are no costs.

Freibad Hausen: Parking is free of charge.

Brentanobad: Parking in the car park area is subject to a fee.

Titus Thermen: Parking in the Northwest Center multi-storey car park is subject to a fee. For more information, see this link.

Textorbad: No own parking area available.

Stadionbad: Parking is free.

Nieder-Eschbach outdoor pool: Parking is free of charge.

Outdoor pool Eschersheim: Parking is free of charge.

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim: Parking is free.

Highest indoor pool: No private parking area available.

Silobad: Parking is free.

Online shop: Where can I buy vouchers online?2023-12-22T12:01:04+01:00

You can always in our Online Store Book and pay for vouchers online. The offers and the procedure are described in detail there. The paid voucher will be sent online immediately. Please report any delays in delivery of the vouchers or complaints to us in writing at info@frankfurter-baeder.de

Before placing your order in the online shop, please read the General terms and conditions with customer information .

New construction projects: Will the Rebstockbad be demolished and rebuilt? Where are replacement water areas?2021-11-17T15:35:08+01:00

Yes, the closure of the Rebstockbad is planned for the end of April 2021. Replacement water areas are created in the outdoor pool in Hausen by covering the outdoor pool. Construction will start in early 2023 and the opening of the new Rebstockbad is scheduled for the end of 2025. A net total investment of EUR 89,5 million is planned for the new building.

Current information is always published on our website and in the News section shown collectively.

Note: On November 15.11.2021, XNUMX, the air dome at Freibad Hausen was opened with the replacement water areas for the winter season. For more information see here in the post about the opening and here on the website of the bath.

New construction projects: Will the Panoramabad Bornheim be demolished and rebuilt?2021-04-27T14:29:47+02:00

Yes, the old Panoramabad Bornheim will be demolished and rebuilt at the ice rink. On March 03rd, 2021, a first on-site appointment for the "new construction of the Bornheim family pool" took place on the construction site at the ice rink.

Current information is always published on our website and in the News section shown collectively.

Courses: Where can I book courses online and, if necessary, make complaints?2023-12-22T12:09:11+01:00

You can always in our course finder view the free course offers and, if necessary, book and pay for your course place online.

Please read our course conditions before your booking. If you have any questions about booking a course, please take a look at our guide first.
All prices displayed include VAT.

Please report complaints and other concerns regarding course bookings to kursanmelde@frankfurter-baeder.de

Courses: Where can I find information about course conditions?2021-04-27T16:33:20+02:00

Here in the Info Center under Downloads you will find the valid course conditions published.

Courses: How do I book a course online in the course finder?2021-04-27T16:28:30+02:00

Here in the course booking guide the booking process is described in detail in the course finder.

Courses: Are our water aerobics courses recognized as REHA courses by health insurance companies?2021-04-27T15:58:43+02:00

Our water aerobics courses are NOT recognized REHA courses or according to §20 SGB V NOT approved prevention courses, so your health insurance company may not cover the costs if you take part in our courses. We do not know whether clubs offer REHA courses. We therefore recommend that you contact the clubs directly if necessary.

Auf dem Mainova Sports Portal you can research clubs from the Rhine-Main area if required.

Courses: Can I take part in courses spontaneously – without pre-registration?2021-04-27T15:54:39+02:00

In the closed courses (Baby swimming, beginner swimming courses, advanced) Pre-registration is required to participate. These courses can only be booked online here using the course finder.

Our aqua courses (Aqua jogging, aqua fitness, water aerobics) are usually offene courses. You do not have to register for these in advance. Course information is posted in the bathroom. Simply go to the desired date and pay the regular entrance fee plus the surcharge for the course (4 euros per participation) at the cash desk. Please clarify any questions at the cash register reception or under kursanmelde@frankfurter-baeder.de

Contact: How can I get in touch with the Frankfurt baths?2021-07-02T08:50:56+02:00

You can email your request at any time info@frankfurter-baeder.de Submit.

You can reach the ticket offices of the baths by telephone during opening hours under phone 069 / 271089 + extension as follows

experience bath
Titus Baths + 1213
Panoramabad Bornheim + 1300

Indoor swimming pools
Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim + 1600
Highest indoor pool + 1400
Textor Bath +1500

outdoor pools
Brentanobad + 2200 or + 2222
Outdoor pool Hausen + 2000
Stadium Bath + 1800
Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim + 1616
Silo bath + 1900
Nieder-Eschbach outdoor pool + 2101
Eschersheim outdoor pool + 2300

Fitness center
Titus Baths + 1208
Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim + 1605

We sincerely ask for your understanding that the pool cash desks can only be reached to a limited extent by telephone when there is an increased number of visitors.

House & bathing rules: Is smoking permitted in the outdoor pools?2021-04-27T15:52:23+02:00

We have been operating non-smoking outdoor pools since summer 2020. We have informed our guests about this in the daily press, on the homepage and on Facebook. Since then, smoking in our outdoor pools has only been permitted in the designated areas. The areas are signposted. According to the house and bathing regulations, shishas are generally prohibited.

Lost property: I lost something when I went to the pool! Where can I ask?2021-04-27T14:37:58+02:00

Please inform our staff at the pool desk about your loss. possibly something has been found.

Women: Are there women's swimming times at the Frankfurt pools?2021-04-27T16:20:30+02:00

As a rule, our opening hours apply to the entire population, regardless of origin, gender or religion. The only exception due to its long tradition is the women's swimming offer in the Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim: From autumn to spring in the indoor pool area on Tuesdays, 09:00-11:00. Please note the current information under the opening hours of the Riedbad. However, this offer cannot be used by women who want to keep to themselves, for example for religious reasons, as there are sometimes male supervisors on site and the indoor swimming pool can be seen from the fitness center.

Harassment: Where can I report harassment by other guests as soon as possible?2021-04-27T15:49:41+02:00

Please contact immediately to our supervisory staff and report the incident. Our staff will immediately initiate the appropriate measures and, if necessary, ban you from the house.

Pools: Is the Panoramabad Bornheim closed on Tuesdays?2021-04-27T15:32:51+02:00

Yes. The panorama pool is closed on Tuesdays and is only available to members of the TG Bornheim.

Swimwear: Is it allowed to swim in a burkini at the Frankfurt baths?2021-04-27T14:39:57+02:00

Yes, at the Frankfurt baths, standard burkinis are permitted as permitted swimwear.