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Free entry made easy!

In order to make free entry to our pools as easy, safe and convenient as possible for all children and young people up to and including the age of 14, we created the junior pools card.

Frequently asked Questions:

It can be applied for via the website or in the pools at online terminals by a legal guardian for the child or children.

You will then receive an email with a junior baths ticket code or, if you have applied for more than one ticket, an email for each child. This can either be printed out or saved on your mobile phone. Please keep this information safe as it will be needed to create a replacement card.

To activate and create the junior pool card(s), all you have to do is show the ticket code as a printout or on your mobile phone together with an ID at the cash register in the pool and take a picture. That's it.

In all of our indoor and outdoor pools, the junior pool card can be used directly at the entrance turnstiles for direct entry. Just hold it in front of the reader. During the pandemic, kids can show their junior baths card at the tills as ID. In addition, the 3G rule for school children must be observed.

In the event of theft or loss, a replacement card can be issued at the cash desk. (handling fee!)

The junior baths card can be used up to the age of 14 and can be extended after 12 months by showing it at the cash desk until the age limit is reached.