Apprenticeship as “Specialist for pool operations” (m/f/d)

Diverse and responsible

In addition to paying constant attention to swimming pool visitors and their safety, our range of tasks also includes the care and maintenance of machines. The water quality must be checked and disinfectants must be dosed precisely. And even in the swimming pool it doesn't work without administration. Cash statements, simple postings and correspondence have to be done, statistics have to be collected. Swimming lessons are one of the tasks that are directly related to sport and leisure time fun in the swimming pool. Skills from the medical and rescue services are indispensable for emergencies.

The specialists for pool operations in the leisure, indoor and outdoor pools in the Main metropolis have the hustle and bustle of the bathers in view and under control. For example, an open diving board and the pool below are always under their supervision. Keep your eyes and ears open - that's the motto for safe and clean swimming pool operations.

It goes without saying that you are not afraid of water or allergic to disinfectants. If you can also swim well and are physically fit, have a balanced personality and have completed school, then we should get to know each other.

  • Graduation
  • good swimming performance
  • physical fitness
  • social competence
Theoretical training: Central training, quarterly block lessons (two to four weeks) at the Johann Philipp Reis School in Friedberg

Practical training: Adventure, indoor and outdoor pools of the BBF

Duration: three years

Exams: an intermediate exam, a final exam

Areas of Application: Adventure, indoor and outdoor pools of the BBF

  • construction and organization of swimming pool operations; occupational safety, environmental protection, rational use of energy; public relation

intensive training in swimming, diving and jumping

  • Supervision of bathing operations
  • Taking care of visitors
  • Water rescue operations, how to initiate and carry them out
  • First aid and resuscitation measures
  • Operational safety and its guarantee, control and security of technical operational processes
  • physical and chemical measurements, material determinations
  • Care and maintenance of swimming pool facilities and leisure facilities
  • Administrative work in the bathing establishment

Your application

Send us your application for the apprenticeship as “Specialist for Pool Companies” (m/f/d) with the following documents:

  • a tabular CV
  • Copies of the last two school reports (if you are still in the middle of the final exam) or a copy of the final certificate

… to this address:

Badebetriebe Frankfurt GmbH
training team
Claudia Nauheimer and Harald Kümbel
At the main station 16
60329 Frankfurt am Main

By the way:
Elaborate and expensive folders are not necessary. A simple – waterproof – loose-leaf binder is all you need to ensure that your application documents reach us undamaged. The copies of certificates do not have to be certified.