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course conditions

Your registration for a course at BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH is binding once you have paid the course fee. The participant requirements stated in the course description are binding. If they are not met, we reserve the right to exclude the participant from the course. Withdrawal is only possible in the exceptional cases specified below. By paying the course fee you agree to the following terms:

1. Liability and Disclaimer

  • The house and bathing rules posted in the bathroom apply and must be followed.
  • The instructions of the course leader must be followed. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the course. In this case, the course fee will non-refundable.
  • Before starting the course, it is advisable to have a doctor certify that you are safe to participate. Your signature confirms the unrestricted physical ability of the person registered for the course.
  • No liability is assumed for bodily harm, damage or loss of clothing and other items brought along.

2. Refund of Course Fees

In cases that exclude participation after registration or further participation in a course that has been started, the following regulations apply:

2.1 Cancellation of Registration

A processing fee of EUR 7 will be charged for cancellations made up to 10,00 days before the start of the course. If you cancel your course participation up to 6 days before the start of the course or if you cancel your course early, 50% of the unused portion will be refunded.

Cancellations and course cancellations must be in writing (here by email), with a statement of reasons or a medical certificate and must be handed in to the course management.

In the event of a lack of participants, individual courses may be canceled and the course fee will be reimbursed pro rata.

3. Cancellation of course units

3.1 Fault on the part of the course management/BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH

Should more than half of the course units or an entire course be canceled through the fault of the course management/BäderBetriebe Frankfurt GmbH, the course fees will be reimbursed proportionately or in full.

If individual course units are canceled by the course management, a corresponding number of replacement units will be made by prior arrangement.

3.2 Fault of Participant

If course units are canceled through no fault of the course management/Bäderbetriebe Frankfurt, there is the option of making up for them in a follow-up course. The individual case is regulated by the course management, depending on the capacity utilization. The participant has no right to replacement units.

Information about the swimming courses

1. Loss or forgetting of the course card and additional payment

1.1 Loss or Damage to the Course Card

If the course card is lost or damaged, EUR 10,00 must be paid for the replacement card.

1.2 Forgetting the course card

If you forget your course card, you have to pay for a single lesson at the cash desk. The remaining entries on the course card can be used for public bathing operations after the end of the course, within the scope of their validity.

1.3 Postpayment

If the basic time cycle is exceeded, an additional payment must be made at the usual rates.

2. Companions

2.1 Accompanying persons in the beginner and advanced courses for children

Parents/guardians can only accompany their children to the changing room, but must return to the entrance area afterwards. If an accompanying person goes swimming themselves or watches the course from the pool hall, a single ticket must be purchased at the usual rates. This only applies when the bath is open to the public. Entering the swimming pool is only permitted in bathing suits.

2.2 Accompanying persons at baby swimming or the mini club

For baby swimming and the Mini Club, one accompanying person is included in the course fee, each additional accompanying person must purchase a single ticket at a reduced rate.

3. What you need to bring to the course

  • Swimwear (for babies, an aqua diaper)
  • Bathrobe or a large bath towel
  • If required, bathing shoes and swimming goggles

4. Course start - first lesson

In the beginner swimming courses for children, the course participants will be welcomed by the course management at the cash desk in the first hour about 10-15 minutes before the course begins. On the following course days, the participants go to the collective changing rooms on their own and are picked up from there by the course management.

In the swimming courses for advanced children and adults, the course participants go to the sports pool independently and are welcomed there by the course management.

With baby swimming and the Mini Club, the course participants go to the adventure/non-swimmer pool on their own and are welcomed there by the course management.

5. Advanced courses from Bronze and Silver

Part of the German youth swimming pass in silver and gold is a jump from a height of 3 meters or two different jumps from a height of 1 meter. The Titus Thermen and the Textorbad do not have any requirements for acceptance of this discipline. Official, written proof of the service provided must be submitted for the swimming pass to be issued. The jump can be completed in various Frankfurt swimming pools. You can find suitable bathrooms on our website www.frankfurter-baeder.de.

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