City Councilor Mike Josef and Managing Director Dr. Boris Zielinski invited the press on Thursday, March 10, 2022, to the final excavator bite of the old Rebstockbad on the construction site.

The demolition of the building shell with wooden roof construction and facades as well as the shell construction including the pool area is currently being completed. For the special roof construction of the Rebstockbad with very large spans, large machines with long-arm grabs are used as special equipment. The largest long-arm grab was delivered with several heavy-duty transports and has a total weight of approx. 130 tons. The gripper range is over 40 m.

City Councilor Mike Josef and Head of Sports explained in his speech: “The demolition of the old Rebstockbad is an important step in preparing for the new Rebstockbad and securing public services in Frankfurt am Main. Today's demolition is the first day of new construction."

After the building shell has been demolished, the plan is to dismantle the shell and the pool area. Here, too, the aim is to recycle the existing building fabric as far as possible. After the reinforced concrete components have been crushed, the reinforcing steel is available for recycling. The mineral building substance is processed on site and used as a substructure for the new Rebstockbad as far as possible.

The old Rebstockbad covers a building volume of approx. 130.000 m³. This means that the demolition measures are highly complex. The goals here are in particular gentle dismantling and the recycling of materials. In the interests of sustainability, modern parts of the pool water technology and furniture were initially dismantled by the pool companies and installed in other pool locations of the Frankfurt pools for further use.

The picture gallery shows impressions of the demolition work.